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Everfresh Chile, is a national company that has consolidated in the market of the export and production of fresh fruit. It started its operations in 2006, and has grown sustainably over time, reaching out to different markets in various countries, with whom it maintains commercial relationships based on trust and ethics that are projected in the long term.

We have qualified personnel of vast experience, who manage the resources based on our strategic planning, and our utmost seriousness in decision making.

 The commitment acquired by the company is reflected in the great human resources who oversee the fulfillment of the goals and guarantee the quality of the produce.

In addition, the company has plantation of fruit trees where geographical and climatic conditions allow production in optimal conditions.



We aim to become one of the main producers and exporters of fresh fruit with worldwide recognition, emphasizing on the quality of our produce,  delivery opportunity, environmental care, workers’ health, well-being and their social environment.



Our mission is to supply our customers with fresh fruits implementing the highest standards in terms of production and quality. We work constantly to meet our goals, always considering ethical behavior at the highest level in each of our business relationships. Our values ​​are reflected through our commitment to provide the best service.

We assume our commitments as an obligation, conducting each of our tasks with responsibility, and ensuring compliance with regulatory and legal frameworks and total satisfaction of our customers.


Properties and Plantations

EVERFRESH Chile, through its subsidiary Agrícola Everfresh, owns more than 230 hectares of fruit plantations that are distributed between regions VII and VIII of Chile, with advanced production technology and constant innovation. The entire surface is under drip irrigation systems, using high quality and highly certified inputs. The location of our properties allows us to have a continuous supply with the shortest time between harvest and products packing, applying the highest protocols and certifications, advanced technology, high quality services and precision.



Our permanent commitment to food safety, our concern for consumers, the quality and hygiene of our produce, our production and harvesting processes, in addition to our constant concern for the environment and the health of our workers has led us to implement Good Agricultural Practices protocols, for which we have BPA certifications "GLOBAL G.A.P." and BPAs "GLOBAL G.R.A.S.P."



EVERFRESH Chile maintains a high social business awareness standards and a constant policy of support for its environment. Currently our solidarity and voluntary efforts allow us to make donations and contributions to foundations and institutions dedicated to child support and growth.

• Don Bosco Foundation, through its Shared Life Program, accompanies the human development of people living in vulnerable situations and exclusion, from the Salesian ecclesial perspective, through quality educational programs that promote the exercise of their rights by collaborating them with the social transformation.

• Colegio Januario Espinosa, educational establishment that has early childhood, and basic education, located in the sector of Palmilla Bajo, Linares, rural sector near our properties.

We live in an atmosphere of respect, practicing and maintaining close relationships amongst our members and the community, promoting companionship, values ​​and care for the environment.

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